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First Haunted Hotel in VR: The Padre Hotel | BirdsEye VR

Virtual reality is not just some new fad, but the very first wave of an entirely new platform that can impact almost every industry on earth. The technology is already being used everywhere from the special effects industry, to medicine, media and even education. With virtual reality tours of popular travel destinations like the Padre Hotel in Bakersfield, CA you can experience a thrilling tour right from your own mobile device!

If you're lucky, you may even run into some ghosts while exploring this hotel...Click PLAY below if you dare!

In real life though, the historic Padre Hotel was once home to guests such as Hollywood actor Clark Gable and actress Carole Lombard. The hotel was opened in 1928 by Tom Young who had originally wanted to open a Spanish-style resort. The Padre Hotel's top floor remained vacant for many years until Young decided to use it as his personal residence. The building has burned down 3 times since it first caught fire in 1934, the last time being during World War II when an errant flare from an airplane landed on the roof of the building and caused significant damage. The original structure was largely destroyed but Young quickly rebuilt what he could, completing construction within 6 months.

According to local archives, examples of the tragedies that have occurred on property include a woman jumping off the building’s roof, a family (including their children) perishing in a fire on the 7th floor, a man killing himself in a bathtub and a love triangle resulting in a deadly shooting.

Read more about the history and haunts of The Padre Hotel from an article by the Travel Channel by clicking here.

Today the Padre Hotel still has it's doors open, thanks to a much needed 18 million dollar renovation in 2010 giving the hotel a modern makeover. Watch the video here to learn more about the history of The Padre Hotel.

During our one-night stay in the Head Hancho Suite on the 7th floor we did not experience anything paranormal. In fact, we had one of the best sleeps of our life - the king bed felt like we were sleeping on a cloud. Another nice touch to this suite was the large jacuzzi bath tub that had a waterfall spout designed to fill the tub from the ceiling! We'd never seen anything like it and have to admit that we had a laugh and were extra surprised when water started flowing from above our heads! The hotel staff were extremely friendly and helpful during our time at the Hotel. I would stay at The Padre Hotel again, perhaps next time in the Oil Baron Suite. Maybe we'll get lucky and experience some paranormal activity on our next visit to the Historic Padre Hotel.

Book your stay at The Padre Hotel if you want to have the chance at your own authentic paranormal experience.

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