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Yosemite in VR: Experience the Iconic Ahwahnee Hotel Like Never Before

The Ahwahnee is a National Historic Landmark and one of the most impressive hotels in California. Anyone who has seen photos of Ahwahnee Hotel in Yosemite Valley has likely dreamt about staying there.

Inside of the Ahwahnee Hotel - View from the second floor looking down into the great lounge. Many antique chairs, and tables surrounded by tapestries and large fire places.
The Ahwahnee's Historic Great Lounge

From its wooden interiors to its stone fireplaces and deep wood beams, Ahwahnee Hotel represents the rustic architecture that inspired the National Park Service's subsequent lodges.

The Ahwahnee is also home to many artworks such as photographs by Ansel Adams and has one of the greatest Persian rug collections in the entire world. Though these designs are inspired by Native American patterns, they blend seamlessly with geometric shapes that can be found throughout kilims and soumaks from different regions across Asia Minor (an area including modern day Turkey).

CLICK PLAY below to explore the historic Great Lounge, the iconic Ahwahnee Lobby and peek inside some of the accommodations at the greatest hotel in the world:

Built in 1927, the historic Ahwahnee Hotel has hosted some of the most famous names in Hollywood and Royalty, from Brad Pitt to Judy Garland. For a time it was home for Queen Ratana of Nepal and King Baudouin Belgium who came there on their royal tours around California before they were coronated as such. Even John F Kennedy (37th US President) and Herbert Hoover (31st US President) are in the Ahwahnee's guestbook. Will you be their next guest? Explore everything that this national treasure has to offer by booking your stay today!

Yosemite National Park is open 365 days per year, check out their seasons here:

Spring: April -May

Summer: June - Sept

Autumn: Oct-Dec

Winter: Dec-March

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