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Experience the Future 

 of Virtual Spaces

Immersive Technology for Impactful Solutions

who we are

At BirdsEye VR, we blend cutting-edge extended reality (XR) technology with creative innovation to bring your visions to life. Our suite of services is designed to transform the way you visualize, plan, and experience spaces, products as well as events. From immersive virtual tours of event venues to custom VR environments for marketing, training, and educational purposes, we offer a range of solutions that cater to diverse needs.



Virtual Event Planning Solutions
Maximize event and venue potential with our immersive 3D tours and XR technology. Simplify your planning and captivate your audience.


3D Design & Staging
Visualize and adjust your space or product virtually to cut costs and refine designs before physical implementation.


CGI Visualizations

Achieve precise and realistic XR visualizations for architecture, products, and simulations, enhancing communication and planning accuracy.


what we do

At the forefront of XR solutions, we turn visionary ideas into virtual reality, redefining engagement and planning efficiency.

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Case Studies


The Ahwahnee Hotel

Meet the founders

Word of Mouth

"BirdsEye VR is amazing! They stepped up as a sponsor and as a community partner. They are a value to our businesses in the region and as a client they do fantastic VR work!"

Diane Strand
JDS Creative Academy
Temecula , CA

"What these guys do is unreal! Their interactive VR of my business has wowed everyone that sees it. This is what you need to give your clients a great sense of your business before ever stepping foot through the door. 5 stars all the way!"

Daniel Martin
Music Producer
Nashville, TN

"We loved how professional the BirdsEye team was. They went above and beyond to meet our requirements and then some. We asked to increase the scope of the project mid stream and they were more than happy and willing to accommodate our requests."

Shawn Granen
USS Midway Museum
San Diego, CA

“What can I say about Megan and Gordon and the rest of the BirdsEye staff.. thumbs up thumbs up thumbs up!"

Rich Rollins
Tenuta Vineyards
Livermore, CA


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