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Terms & Conditions

Service Agreement: By ordering 3D Virtual Tours, Digital Imagery and/or Tour Videos from BirdsEye VR, you agree to the following terms of service. These terms are subject to change without notice.

Payment Policy: BirdsEye VR operates on a fee for service basis. 50% of payment is required upon booking your service to secure your appointment and prior to completion of on-site services rendered. The remaining 50% of invoice is due upon delivery of final edits of virtual reality tours, photos and/or video. Payment and service fee amount is not contingent on sale of home, property or any other conditions. Payment can be submitted online via the invoice/payment request sent by email. Payments are considered late 3 consecutive days after final asset delivery, and a 10% late fee may apply after the 3rd consecutive day of non-payment. Non-payment after 5 days may result in your 3D tour being temporarily deactivated until payment of invoice is completed and processed. Reinstatement of your 3D Tour will follow after payment has been made in this case.

Appointment Policy: Appointment dates and times are secured and confirmed once a 50% deposit has been completed and successfully processed, until then the date is open to be reserved by another party at anytime.  

Cancellation Policy: Upon booking services and placing a 50% deposit with BirdsEye VR, you have reserved valuable time in which thereafter, is no longer available to others. Last minute cancellations do not provide our team with enough opportunity to use that valuable time to offer our services to others. We will commit to doing our part in sending an appointment reminder a few days prior, in order to give you an opportunity to check in with your staff and/or client as well as make sure everything is according to schedule. Please contact us as soon as you become aware of a need to cancel or reschedule.

If you cancel or reschedule the appointment less than 24 hours from the scheduled appointment time, you agree to pay a cancellation/reschedule fee of $100. 

In the event that we arrive at the property, and are unable to access the home or it is not ready for us to complete the services ordered, you agree to pay a fee of $125 plus any applicable travel charges.

Once on-site services have begun, the client will be charged the full price of the package ordered, and may not be cancelled.

Weather Policy: In the case that the weather threatens to prevent the ability to perform the photo/video shoot of the property and the exterior of the property, it will be left up to the client’s discretion as to continue or reschedule. A pro-rated service fee, as well as any applicable travel charges will apply for rescheduling to shoot the exterior of the home and property.

Extra Travel Charge Policy: An extra fee of $1 per mile will be added to the total cost of services rendered beyond a 30 mile radius from Temecula, CA or Livermore, CA as we are based in Northern and Southern California unless agreed upon otherwise in contract. 

Property Preparation Policy: It is not the responsibility of BirdsEye VR to get the property ready for the shoot. This includes, but is not limited to cleaning, arranging furniture, dusting, sweeping sidewalks and driveways, etc. It is the responsibility of the client (you) to make sure the property is "show ready" and presentable at the scheduled time agreed upon. It is the responsibility of the client (you) to make sure that pets and children are supervised, and kept out of the view of the camera. Failure to have the property prepared and accessible may adversely effect the end product at no fault of BirdsEye VR.

Photo/Video Delivery Policy: Processed assets will be delivered within 48 - 72 hours following the appointment. All assets are delivered via a shared folder on Google Drive, unless other arrangements are requested and agreed upon. The shared Google Drive folder will remain available for a limited time, at least 7 consecutive days after the final asset has been delivered. We will disclose the expiration date of your shared Google Drive folder, and it is your responsibility to download all of your assets to your computer or device within this time frame.


Licensing Agreement:   BirdsEye VR keeps the copyright protection of all processed photos and video and reserves the right to use all photos and video for promotional purposes. The original client/realtor who paid for this service, has permission to use these photos and/or video for promotional and advertising purposes during the duration of this current listing. Photos and/or video can not be given to or sold to the property owner, or to another Realtor with the intention of re-listing an expired or withdrawn listing. Failure to pay for photos and/or video will result in a copyright infringement/violation. You will be asked to discontinue the use of, and remove any photos and/or video from any form of promotion and advertisement. Failure to do so will result in legal action.


Terms & Conditions: Once a 50% deposit has been placed with BirdsEye VR you agree to abide by Matterport Terms & Conditions as well as BirdsEye VR’s Terms and Conditions as stated above. 

Updated 7/6/2020 

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