Residential Package


Ideal for Brokerages, Real Estate Agents, & Investors

3D Virtual Tour

2D or 3D Floor Plan

Site Map

3 Mattertags

Social Media Assets

Embed Link

VR Capabilities

Properties over 3,000 SQFT will be charged $0.15/SQFT thereafter.

3 Months of Hosting.


Was $699
NOW $549*


Ideal for Brokerages, Real Estate Agents, & Investors

Tour Overlay: Add your logo & color scheme to your tour.

1-Page Website: 3D Virtual Tour, full property description, map, floor plan & site map, photo slideshow capabilities, headshot icon & agent contact info.



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3D Virtual Tour

  • Immersive and interactive experience allows guests to explore and decide where they want to go in real time.

  • The dollhouse view allows for a completely conceptualized perspective of the property.

2D Floor Plans

  • Schematic Floor Plans are a great way to see an entire space at a glance.

  • They’re great for people who want a more traditional, top-down view with dimensions.

Site Map

  • Complete site map illustrating the entire property from a birds eye view.


  • Mattertags turn Spaces into a multimedia hub.

  • They're anchored to points in the 3D model data, so you're able to add descriptions and embed almost anything - like additional photos, video, links, or audio files - right in your 3D Space.

  • This turns Spaces into a powerful tool for communicating with remote stakeholders, property buyers, prospective lessees, or global audiences.

Social Media Ready Content Pre-Formatted for: 

  • Facebook Posts & Facebook Story

  • Instagram Posts & Instagram Story 

Embed Link

  • This link allows you to showcase your 3D Virtual Tour on your own website, its as easy as embedding a YouTube video.

VR Capabilities

  • Every 3D Tour is ready to view with VR googles. We recommend the Oculus Go as a starter pair of VR Googles.


Add On

Without Branding

With Branding

Custom Branded 1-Page Website

  • Tour overlay with company logo & color scheme.

  • Custom URL for 1-page website

    • 3D Tour​

    • Property Description

    • Map

    • Floor plan & site map

    • Agent headshot w/contact info (Email/Call)

    • Photo slideshow capabilities

      • Use your own photos or add on a photo upgrade.


1 Page Website



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