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Virtual Education On The Rise: Virtual Field Trips

3D Tours allow educators as well as students to go on "Virtual Field Trips" in leu of physically being there. Pair this experience with a set of VR goggles (we prefer the Oculus Go) and you're all set for an immersive educational experience!

Just take a look at this amazing tour of the HMS Trincomlee which was captured by a fellow Matterport Service Partner. If BirdsEye VR had the opportunity, we would customize 3D Tours like this one to cater towards a specific audience through the addition of educational components (links, videos, images) as well as interactive activity prompts. We believe that by tailoring 3D experiences with relevant curriculum it will enhance a student's overall learning experience. According to the Bureau of Education and Cultural Affairs:

"A great way to give students meaningful opportunities to apply their learning and lower their affective filter is to make learning fun! When teachers use activities that make learning engaging and fun, students are more willing to participate and take risks. Having fun while learning also helps students retain information better because the process is enjoyable and memorable."

Not to mention there is also the optional Pay-Per-View portal for non-profit as well as for-profit organizations who would like to raise funds in order to have access to these curated tours.

Not only are 3D Tours fun and engaging, but they could also be a huge money saver. Let's briefly take into account the costs associated with field trips regardless of the current pandemic situation which currently prohibits in person field trips.

According to on average it costs a student $75 per year for field trips not including the transportation as well as the chaperone logistics.

If there are approximately 30 students to a class, that is around $2,250 per year per classroom in field trip fees. Let's also assume that there are 5 classrooms at the same grade level per school with at least 3 schools in their district. Are you still with me? So that's around $33,750 in field trip fees for one grade level in one district per year (not including transportation). See the graphic below for a more comprehensive sample budget review:

For comparison, a 3D Virtual Tour a la carte from BirdsEye VR starts at $225 and is hosted for 3 months. Decent Virtual Reality viewers range between $2 - $300, click here to read our blog about Top VR Headsets for Virtual Tours. With this in mind, compared to traditional field trips 3D Virtual Tours are an extremely cost effective and safe alternative to in person learning. Also don't forget to take into consideration that one curated 3D Virtual Tour can be utilized by multiple classrooms any time and anywhere - Now that's a money saver!

There are a handful of experiences and "Virtual Tours" available to the public right now, but to be honest, most of them remind me of fancy power point presentations which we've all seen a thousand times. They are not as customizable as 3D Tour and most fall flat on the exciting part. Who wants to read and watch slide shows all afternoon when you could be exploring a space in 3D with VR googles? Choose when and where to navigate at your own pace with BirdsEye VR 3D Virtual Tours.

Google Arts and Culture have stepped it up with their Virtual Tours, like this Virtual Tour of the White House or this Virtual Tour of Italian Cultural Sites which navigate like a Google Street View tour, but has a hybrid approach with the inclusion of text slides. Essentially these tours are a bunch of 360 images that have been stitched together with a presentation style format. So what is the difference between one of Google's free tours and a BirdsEye VR 3D Tour you may ask..

Let's say that each year the entire 3rd grade level in a district takes a field trip to a particular location every year, for this example let's use Ben's Local Farm. This farm field trip is tied into the current curriculum but the school is not able to follow through with this annual trip for budgetary, safety or other reasons. The solution: Send BirdsEye VR to the farm to capture it in 3D! While at location BirdsEye VR will not only capture the space in 3D but (for an additional production fee) can also film video clips on location which can then be embedded into the 3D Virtual Tour for unique learning opportunities. Imagine Farmer Ben teaching students via video on the farm, surrounded by all his animals. Better yet, Farmer Ben won't be on just any video, he'll be on a 360 video! Click here to see an example of a 360 video tour of Peter and Elly's Sheep Farm from Farm and Food Care.

Now nothing, I mean nothing, can truly replace the feeling of actually being somewhere, smelling the fresh grass or even manure, getting your hands dirty or the tingly feeling your feet have after a long active day out in nature. But in these times of uncertainty some innovation is necessary to create an enjoyable learning experience for students practicing distance learning.

It's exciting that just one 3D Virtual Tour could reach all of the 6,163,001 K-12 students

enrolled in public education just in California (according to the California Department of Education). When you customize the 3D tours to specific curriculum, you can curate 12 or more tours that can reach over 6 million students. The possibilities are endless when it comes to 3D and Virtual Reality!

BirdsEye VR 3D Virtual Tours can save the day, and allow the students to experience the farm from a far. Contact us today if when you're ready to get started!

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