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3D Tours Provide Alternate Revenue Stream For Businesses

Question of the year: How are businesses going to survive the COVID-19 shutdown? Fortunately for us, we live in a day and age where technology is continuously improving and enhancing our everyday lives. Virtual experiences and 3D tours could be the answer to help keep businesses a float amid a global crisis.

According to Business Insider, these are the 10 job types that were hit hardest by Covid-19:
  1. Scenic Transportation

  2. Amusement Parks & Casinos

  3. Clothing Stores

  4. Laundry and Other Personal Services

  5. Dentist Offices

  6. Motion Picture and Sound Recording

  7. Restaurants and Bars

  8. Furniture and Home Furnishing Stores

  9. Sports & Performing Arts

  10. Hotels

The key to surviving any major challenge is to keep an open mind and to continuously think outside of the box. We know that 3D technology is quite amazing, but let's be honest, it will not do your laundry, hair or nails for you, although it could provide some very helpful resources for these types of services.

So, how does a business make money with a 3D Tour? Let's check out some businesses with 3D Tours to find out:

Personal Services:

Modern Medical, a popular Orange County Medical Spa, has pivoted their marketing approach to reach their clients in a creative way by utilizing BirdsEye VR's 3D services. Modern Medical's forward thinking approach has given way to their customized 3D Virtual Tour which is easily accessible and embedded on the front page of their website.

This Matterport 3D Tour allows guests to explore Modern Medical's amenities from the comfort of their own home on any device. While exploring their virtual spa, guests have the opportunity to interact by clicking on colored targets throughout the 3D experience. The colored tags educate as well as advertise merchandise and services by offering information about their products as well as a direct link to purchase items they have available. It is the next best thing to actually being there, and keeps their clientele engaged as well as informed.

Scenic Transportation:

You can capture multiple audiences with the same 3D Tour. For instance the 3D Tour for the National Museum of the Royal Navy, created by a Matterport Service Partner, is an excellent way to advertise the space as a venue for private events, but can also double as a teaching tool for educators by duplicating the tour and customizing the embedded elements. The ability to cross-pollinate into other industries is one of my favorite aspects of 3D tours. The host is able to advertise the space for multiple purposes as well as generate interest and revenue through direct links to book or make a purchase. Stay tuned for a future blog about how 3D Tours function as a Virtual Field Trip resource.

Amusement Parks & Casinos:

With the enhanced security of casinos, I have yet to come across a 3D tour of a casino floor. Go figure! Although when it comes to amusement parks, they are open (for 3D of course)! Below you will find The Springs Water Park 3D tour, captured by another Matterport Service Partner. This water park is located inside of a hotel in Wisconsin, and is one of their main attractions. To be able to advertise a unique space to "out-of-towners" is an incredibly valuable asset to add to your marketing campaigns.

Clothing Stores/Retail:

I am sure that we can all relate to the feeling of walking into a clothing store and trying on a new pair of shoes, dress or pair of pants to make sure you get the right fit. But what most of us don't know is that there's another alternative to shopping "in the flesh", which is the option to shop virtually. Now, I'm not just talking about the kind of shopping you'd see on the Amazon app. Virtual shopping experiences are an excellent alternative when stores are physically unaccessible, or if the store is located in another city, state, or country. Virtual stores aren't limited to physical barriers and are open 24/7 for anyone to shop anytime and any where.

Not only do virtual shopping experiences allow unlimited access to products, but they also captivate and create a sense of emotional attachment while inside of the store.

Our friends over at JW Photography Studios have curated a virtual shopping experience for a retail chain, Fleet Feet, that stocks athletic shoes, apparel, & accessories geared towards runners. Inside of this Des Moines, Iowa location you can virtually walk up to an entire wall of shoes and click on each shoe to learn more and purchase directly.

Click here to read about another retailer, Blue Planet Surf Shop, and how they are utilizing 3D Virtual Experiences to enhance their business.

Motion Picture and Sound Recording:

A brand new recording studio recently opened in Temecula, CA and BirdsEye VR had the amazing opportunity to capture it all in 3D. Cali Co. Music Studio is a full-service music and video recording and production facility. An artist-focused environment designed to inspire creators of all types. They can help you find the pieces of your sound, look, and brand that you've been missing. Click around their 3D tour to explore their recording studio below!

Restaurants and Bars:

Those of us who live in areas with temporary shutdowns of restaurants and bars have come accustomed to outdoor dining. Most of us cannot wait to be able to walk into a tasting bar, enjoy the air conditioning on a hot summer day with a glass of white wine or brew and be surrounded by good company. But until then, we've all had to adapt to the "new normal" and make what we've got work!

In the meantime, while we're waiting for this pandemic to settle down and the insides of bars and restaurants remain empty, this THE PERFECT TIME to have a 3D tour created. Why? Because in order for 3D to look its best, BirdsEye VR prefers a vacant and prepped location. There has literally never been a better time than now to go 3D.

Tenuta Vineyards and Winery located in the beautiful Livermore, CA just east of San Francisco have been able to continue to connect with their audience and customers through 3D. Customers can access their wine list, custom embedded videos, venue and contact information and floor plan directly inside of their 3D tour. This type of 3D experience allows guests to explore the amenities for future visits and event planning. Tenuta Vineyards has hosted events for public and private parties, among their clients are tech giants such as Tesla, Google and Apple. Rich Rollins with Tenuta Vineyards went above and beyond by speaking in personalized videos from our Production Package which are strategically embedded inside of the tour. Not only is this 3D tour informative, its also a completely functional communication tool. Click on the three horizontal lines on the upper left corner of the 3D tour below to see what I mean:

Furniture and Home Furnishing Stores:

Imagine being able to walk and shop an entire showroom without getting off of the couch. Well that's just what Furniture City in Bakersfield did! Also, think about all of the residual revenue you could gain with direct and affiliate links embedded directly inside of a virtual experience; It's almost as easy as making money in your sleep. Let the 3D Tour do all the work when it's accessible 24/7 and worldwide from any device. Explore their showroom in 3D below:

Sports & Performing Arts:

Instead of your typical performing arts or sports center, I figure I'd share a very unique and comprehensive approach to an online auction of The David Gilmour Guitar Collection presented by Christie's.

"The [3D] auction made it possible to view the auction floor as well as view item details along with the option to bid, in the immersive virtual experience."

Here are five facts about the record-setting music auction:

  1. The complete collection, which consisted of 126 lots, was 100% sold and brought in a total of $21,490,750. That figure makes it the most valuable musical instrument auction in history.

  2. While those lucky 12,000 people were able to visit the collection first hand, the online content and 3D tour experience amassed an excess of 500,000 views for the Christies website.

  3. There were several guitars sold that were instrumental in the recording each of Pink Floyd’s iconic albums. None, however, could match the legend, or winning bid, on of ‘The Black Strat’ which sold for $3,975,000 – establishing a new world record (breaking the one set earlier in the day) for a guitar at auction. The solid-body Fender Stratocaster was used to record Pink Floyd albums, The Dark Side of the Moon (1973), Wish You Were Here (1975), Animals (1977) and The Wall (1979). The estimated valuation of $100,000- $150,000 was blown away by this piece of musical, rock history.

  4. On the day of the auction itself, the collection drew more than 2,000 bidders from 66 countries. Apart from those registrants, a second sale room had to be opened to accommodate the crowds that came to experience the sale.

  5. At least five world-records were set at this auction. In addition to the aforementioned total sale mark and Fender Stratocaster price (twice) the day also featured the record sale for a C.F. Martin, Gretsch and Les Paul guitar; the latter beating out the guitar namesake’s own 1954 custom model.

To view this entire article about The David Gilmour Guitar Collection on Matterport, click here.


If you're like me, you like to plan your vacations for maximum value and maximum fun! I constantly shop around to find the best deal available for what I am getting. I wish there was a 3D tour for the hotels that I was looking into when we took our trip to Japan a few years ago, since it was a place that I'd never been to before, I wanted to make sure that every penny was spent wisely. Never let your clients, customers, and guests miss a beat when you've captured your hotel amenities in 3D. Explore this modern German hotel, offering bright guest accommodations, an excellent cuisine and service 24/7.

The 3D tour below is brought to you by: Your360Space | OverHaul Media

3D Tours and experiences are the hottest marketing trend out there by providing amazing options for reaching your audience, alternate revenue growth, educational opportunities, and more.

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